Enterprise Innovation Institute


Phase I Program Overview

The ScaleUp Labs Commercialization Program was created to accelerate your deep-tech startup into the commercial markets.

Stage 1: Workshops Focused on Commercialization


Stage 2: Focused 1:1 Company-Specific Mentoring and Advising Workshop


  • Determining the commercial potential of your SBIR-developed technology
  • Building a plan for entering the commercial market
  • Exploring business models and partnerships
  • How to fund a dual-use company


Stage 3: Details

  • Each session is 2 hours
  • Learn what is necessary to expand commercially
  • Ask experts for initial advice on plans
  • Hear from experts on best practices
  • Participate in a community of companies working on commercialization
  • Learn the questions to think about as you determine your company’s path forward
  • These workshops are meant for leaders in your company focused on expanding out commercially


Stage 4: Custom Commercialization Program

This program is based on the ScaleUp Lab techniques for expanding your company (regardless of stage) in the commercial markets.


Stage 5: Goals

  • Establish a strategy to extend into the commercial market
  • Determine the product-market fit of your solution
  • Facilitate finding the right path for going to market
  • Help determine the key activities that the company should pursue and focus their efforts
  • Connect the company to pertinent advisors, mentors, and SMEs
  • Strategize with the company for its next growth steps
  • Introduce the company to potential private funding partners (as requested)
  • Focus on improving the company’s tech readiness level (TRL), investor readiness level (IRL), adoption readiness level (ARL)


The program is a participatory effort that provides advisory instruction around opening commercial markets, business consulting, and essential services specific to your company. Your company is responsible for actually doing the work. This is truly hands-on and requires a commitment to attend the sessions and work on specific areas discussed. The commitment of time includes an expectation that the company’s senior leaders participate in the sessions.

Program Activities:

  • 8-10 weekly strategy sessions 1:1 with advisors, entrepreneurs, and SMEs
  • Introductions to potential partners, advisors, and investors
  • Work on your commercialization efforts
  • These sessions are meant for senior members of your company
  • Each session is 1-2 hours

Phase II Program Overview

Process: A 16-week mentoring & training program.

Purpose: Programming designed for early-stage researchers, academia, and entrepreneurs moving research from lab to market.

Program Activities:

  • Gain a big picture perspective of the entire drug and medical device development process, from day one strategic planning through product commercialization
  • Understand the critical interplay between strategy and development—and how they affect each other
  • Learn frameworks for assessing both the benefits and the risks associated with developing a new product in the healthcare market
  • Gain clarity around the regulatory requirements in the U.S. market and the process for achieving approval
  • Develop professional networks for career development, industry partnerships, or strategic alliances