Enterprise Innovation Institute

Catalyzing Breakthroughs
in Biotechnology

Catalyzing Breakthroughs
in Biotechnology

We catalyze the development and commercialization of breakthrough biotechnology, medical devices, life science, and therapeutic innovations. We serve as trusted partners and deliver a complete toolkit to enhance the odds of success for an early-stage biotech company.


Areas of Interest

Devices and sensors

CBRN & Threat Detection, Test & Inspection, Detection & Diagnostics, Wearables & Portables, Injectables & Implantables, Delivery Systems, Prosthetics, Artificial Organs

Digital and hardware

AI & Analytics, MST&E, e-Health & Telemedicine, Human/Machine Interface, Robotics & Autonomy, Imaging & Diagnostics, Medical Equipment, Surgical Solutions

Therapeutics treatments

Trauma Care, Regenerative Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Conclusive Injuries, Psychological Health, Patient Care, Senior Care, Cancer Care, Prophylaxis, Injectables & Implantables, Medical Countermeasures 

Materials and manufacturing

Advanced Material Platforms, Pharma & Non-pharma, Design & Delivery, Pandemic Preparedness, Advanced Manufacturing, Regenerative & Reconstructive, Injectables & Implantables

Ways to Get Involved

The ScaleUp Lab is a diverse network of experts that helps diagnostic, device, health technology, and life science companies accelerate through an inflection point of growth. Our core differentiator at ScaleUp Lab is our network; we’ve assembled an all-star team of industry experts, influential business leaders, investors, and a peer network of entrepreneurs that we leverage to support each new class.

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